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Inauguration of Green Hub

Inauguration of Green HUB 14.06.2024

Energy independence, coupled with respect for the natural environment, is the greatest challenge for today’s economy. The rising energy prices are largely composed of fees for energy carriers and the ever-increasing costs of environmental impact. Renewable energy has undeniable advantages, but its impact on the ecosystem is not entirely neutral. The biggest limitations of these technologies are the lack of stability in energy production, the current lack of conditions for grid connection, and the new legal requirements in force.

To address these challenges, we have created a unique “Free Energy Transformation Program” implemented by entities belonging to Green HUB PL. This initiative ensures a reduction in energy purchase costs, a reduction in carbon footprint, energy independence, and climate neutrality through self-production of green energy and hydrogen, without incurring transmission and capacity fees. Our proposed business model allows companies to forgo purchasing black energy, gas, and fossil fuels “from outside” without incurring investment costs. The “Free Energy Transformation Program,” implemented using our technical, legal, and organizational solutions, provides a total energy cost reduction of at least 30-50%.

As part of the legal agreement of many business entities, Green HUB PL was established, a business center integrating: technology companies, investment funds, scientific institutions, law firms, design offices, experts, startups, and business support institutions to create a joint development strategy in the field of energy and innovative technologies.

The main goals of Green HUB PL – Energy Group:

  1. Development of the Local Business Ecosystem: Supporting the growth of the local economy by creating jobs, promoting entrepreneurship, and providing support to local companies.
  2. Access to Financing: Facilitating entrepreneurs’ access to investors, financial support programs, and EU grants.
  3. Sustainable Development: Promoting sustainable business practices and supporting companies aiming to reduce their negative impact on the environment.
  4. Internationalization of Business: Helping companies expand into new foreign markets, establish international business relationships, and acquire new customers.
  5. Support for Innovation: Creating an environment that fosters innovation, supports the development of new ideas and technologies.
  6. Education and Competence Development: Organizing training, workshops, and mentorship to support the development of skills for entrepreneurs and employees of companies operating within the HUB.
  7. Collaboration and Networking: Connecting entrepreneurs, startups, and companies to build business relationships, exchange experiences, and explore potential collaborations.
  8. Operational Efficiency: Providing infrastructure and services that allow entrepreneurs to focus on their core competencies rather than infrastructure or logistics.
  9. Digitization and Technological Advancement: Promoting the implementation of digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and innovative solutions among entrepreneurs, increasing their competitiveness.
  10. Creating a Startup-Supporting Ecosystem: Providing infrastructure, mentorship, and capital for startups to accelerate their growth and enable them to achieve market success.

Participants of Green HUB PL have decided to jointly implement actions, combining four main business directions:

  1. Energy Transformation
  2. Industrial Hydrogenation
  3. Artificial Intelligence AI
  4. Financing and Grants

We invite you to collaborate on investment projects within Green HUB PL and the “Free Energy Transformation Program.” Establishing long-term cooperation between us will allow for the development of long-term business relationships in serving end customers. We encourage you to participate in this unique project and to contact us to undertake joint actions for the “Energy Transformation of Poland.” The meeting is an opportunity to integrate the environments working towards these goals.