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Forum 2018

III Emirates & Europe Economic Forum

An opportunity to strengthen economic cooperation between Europe and the United Arab Emirates will be held on September 5-6, 2018, at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw. This event is organized to intensify economic and business collaboration between European and Emirati communities. The event responds to the current economic and trade relations between Poland and the UAE. It provides a solid framework for building long-lasting cooperative ties and business relationships among its partners. It also delivers a proven formula and appropriate tools for trade, investment, promotion, and innovation development.

Poland is currently viewed by the United Arab Emirates as a gateway to European markets. Therefore, it has become essential to create a space for implementing investments and establishing investor contacts. Building on previous economic and business successes, the organizers will identify areas for future investments and cooperation. New projects connecting Poland and the UAE will be presented, particularly in the context of financial attractiveness and the potential for developing the banking sectors in Poland.

The third edition of the Forum is organized by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Poland, the Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (EEBD), the European Green Technology Alliance, and the Investment Service Center. This collaboration brings together key stakeholders dedicated to fostering economic and business cooperation between Europe and the UAE, providing a solid foundation for developing long-lasting business relationships and promoting innovative trade and investment opportunities.

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Poland is making continuous efforts to accelerate development and strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various fields. Poland and the United Arab Emirates share excellent relations, particularly in the economic sector. As a result of the very good bilateral relations, which are diligently maintained by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, there has been an increase in trade exchange and a mutual drive to continuously strengthen bilateral relations, as well as to increase the volume of trade and mutual investments.

The Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (www.eebd.eu) is a unique business organization that fosters economic cooperation between Europe and the UAE. Its members include business representatives, local government authorities, universities, institutions, and consulting firms that contribute to the development of its activities. The main objectives set by EEBD include assisting in the search for trade partners, ensuring direct contact with companies both in Europe and the UAE, including those with foreign capital, providing comprehensive assistance in obtaining European Union grants, maximizing the benefits related to business development between the UAE and Europe, and promoting and protecting the interests of member companies.

European Green Technology Alliance (www.egta.eifund.eu) is an international platform for technological and business cooperation, bringing together over 300 enterprises and institutions from across Europe. EGTA focuses on the transfer of innovative technologies between European countries and provides support through specialized business environment institutions in all European countries and an international network of partners.

Investment Service Center (www.investpl.eu) is an international business structure that brings together high-class experts. Its main task is to finance investment projects and search for projects with high business potential for investors. We operate in many countries around the world. All the investments we implement create enormous business potential thanks to effective management of both technological and financial risks. Additionally, the obtained grants increase the efficiency of the implemented projects.

More information about the event can be found at www.forum.eebd.eu.