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Forum EEBD II 2017.10.24

In recent years, economic exchange between the European countries and the United Arab Emirates has been going well and has systematically grown. Europe is the world’s trade power – its economy, measured in terms of value of produced goods and services (GDP), exceeds this of the USA. The aim of economic policy of the EU is maintenance of economic growth through investments in transport, energy and innovative technologies, as well as minimisation of negative impact of economic development on the natural environment. Therefore, creation of investment implementation area and establishment of investment contacts has become a necessity.

It may be boldly stated that the United Arab Emirates is the most important trade partner in the Arabic world for the European countries. Perhaps not because of quantity, but because of the trade exchange growth dynamics. Currently, the United Arab Emirates is the greatest trade partner within the area covering North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. A growth tendency is clearly visible, because mutual trade has grown over the past 5 years by fourfold and it does not seem to stop on that. Both fields concentrate on creation of strategic cooperation for several years.

The United Arab Emirates has become a huge business and financial terminal from a fuel producer. The European entrepreneurs, including Polish ones, search for new and prospective markets. Investors, upon seeing a profitable conjuncture, storm the UAE for many years in hopes of finding unique business opportunities. However, they are not alone in their mission. The government cooperated with the UAE government very closely and on many a field. Many bilateral agreements have been signed and next ones are planned. The aim of those political trials is removal of procedural and business obstacles standing on the way against free trade, business and movement. Of course, trade exchange is not the only thing and such cases as education and technical development are equally important. Tightening of economic connections is in both sides’ interest and may only be successful given the cooperation of those sides.

The forum’s idea is to enclose broad economic and business cooperation, as well as present cultural values of both European and Emirati environments.

The Forum’s objectives:
  • Providing information concerning innovative and novelty technologies,
  • Presenting the idea of technology transfer as a source of economic support,
  • Promoting partnership relations between the European countries and the United Arab Emirates,
  • Diffusing ideas of sustainable development in the areas of economy, energy, transport and natural environment protection,
  • Building cooperation and experience exchange platform between business representatives from the European countries and the UAE,
  • Propagating energy solutions for environmental protection,
  • Propagating e-mobility idea – promotion of electromobility as a means for energy safety improvement and pollution emission lowering,
  • Promoting achievements of the Polish scientific and technological thought on international market,
  • Supporting Polish entrepreneurs through acquisition of: business and financial partners and capital for implementation of the most interesting projects in Poland,
  • Facilitating start and business development for Polish entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates.