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International Press Conference Smart Building

On June 20, 2018, the international press conference titled “International Press Conference Smart Building” was held at the Polish Press Agency on Bracka Street 6 in Warsaw. The event was organized by the creators of the “Smart Building-Budownictwo Przyszłości” (Smart Building – Construction of the Future) Program.

“Smart Building-Budownictwo Przyszłości” is the first international program in Poland designed to promote the development of composite-wood technology in construction. It responds to the Government’s Mieszkanie Plus (Apartment Plus) Program and aligns with the initiatives of the Ministry of Environment and the State Forests.

The creators of the “Smart Building-Budownictwo Przyszłości” Program plan to build several thousand apartments in an innovative and eco-friendly manner. The program has prepared legal mechanisms and secured necessary funding to support wooden construction projects in local governments. Additionally, commercial development projects will be supported with the participation of global investment funds.

The mission of the “Smart Building-Budownictwo Przyszłości” Program is to establish the European Center for Wood Technology, construct the largest composite-wood prefabrication factory in Europe, and comprehensively finance this type of construction.

The actions of the creators of the “Smart Building-Budownictwo Przyszłości” Program aim to consistently increase the scale of real estate investments in Poland. Additionally, the partners focus on sharing experiences in composite-wood technology research and promoting sustainable development in the construction industry.

World-class leaders from Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Poland are involved in the program, working within the largest consortium in Europe to jointly implement business and investment projects. The consortium offers top-quality wood processing technologies, building design, composite-wood prefabrication production, training, and comprehensive investment financing. Initially, the consortium will operate in Poland and the European Union, and later expand to international markets.

Participants in the conference included representatives from Wolf System, Ledinek, Weinmann Homag Group, Hans Hundegger, Osnova Group, Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości, Investment Service Center, Emirates & Europe Business Development, the President of the Polish-Ukrainian Trans-Border Fund, and industry partners.

Representatives from the Department of Bilateral and Multilateral Relations of the Ministry of Investment and Development, the Department of European Affairs and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Investment and Development, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Poland H.E. Yousif Eisa Bin Hassan Al Sabri, the State Forests, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, and local government units also shared their experiences.

The consortium is currently seeking partners interested in developing composite-wood construction. The offer is primarily directed at developers, local government units, construction companies, and investment funds.

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